Ahad, 6 Jun 2010

you are gone =`(

do you know, that your the one i think bout when i lay in my bed ???
when im walking down the streets to meet my friends ,
its you going through my head .
doesnt matter where i am, theres always you in my heart .
i loved you when we first met. the way your talked ,
to your very actions. i fell in love .
but i never saw it till now .
i wanna hold you close, and love you with all that i've got .
i dont ever want to let you go
i love you so much there is nothing else i would even want or need .
i just want you with me .

i will always have a small smile when im talking with you .
it heals my heart when i miss you .
when things are not going my way , i will open up the messages you sent .
just to read over while having a smile on my face .
that just makes my day and everyday .
i just want you to know that i love you . and i dont want to lose you .
when your gone, a part of me went missing .
and when your here , you simply heal my heart and soul .
but you are not here with me again .
but i will always find your love again .
im promise because im still love you <3
thank you my love . thank you . =`(